1. Playing with Fausto Maijstral in NK ! Nov 9th!

                                          Sat Nov 9th @ enKa, Berlin 

                   Fausto Maijstral / T’ien Lai / Robert Piernikowski


    Fausto Maijstral is the duo of DuChamp (IT) and Will Gresson (NZ). Together they perform dense, long musique concrete/drone pieces that explore memories and lived experience through heavily processed instruments and field recordings. They performed several time in Berlin with Nadja, Concern, Bill Kouligas, Preslav Literary School, Krapoola, Sun Worship, and many others.

    Their debut album will be released on vinyl in Nov 2013 by La station Radar. The album has been recorded by Felix Florian Tödloff and master by Brian Pyle (Ensemble Economique, Starving Weirdos). It consist in four pieces equally influenced by pure drone, noise-a-la Dead C, folk, kraut, joint together by field recordings.


    T’ien Lai, which translates as „celestial music”, is yet another interesting project from the enigmatic Milieu L’Acephale’s catalogue. Influenced in equal measure by ancient Jewish mysticism and the works of Philip K. Dick, Bydgoszcz duo use vintage radios, samplers, synths and a variety of effects to create deeply meditative sound situated somewhere within the definition of ambient music.


    Robert Piernikowski „Się Żegnaj” is a debut album of Robert Piernikowski, recorded for Few Quiet People. Making an album was a pretty spontaneous project. I made it in two months I think. I was trying to catch this unique sound of my house and the nature – says Piernikowski. „Się Żegnaj” sounds completely different than other albums in FQP’s catalogue. Piernikowski deals with experimental hip-hop and classic electronic sounds creating mind-blowing compositions. Robert Piernikowski is a co-founder of experimental hip-hop band Napszyklat. If you’re a fan of Napszyklat, you should get (steal!) this album. Robert Piernikowski used laptop, tape recorder and keyboards. All other instruments played by Robert Piernikowski Recorded between March/May 2012 in Poznan, Poland. Mixed & Mastered by Robert Piernikowski, Poznan, Poland.



  2. DuChamp on Selektives Hoeren Archiv

    Pics, text and audio files (all by my Will Gresson) online on Selektives Hoeren Archiv 



  3. Performance of my drone band Fausto Maijstral this FRIDAY!

    Hi there! Fausto Maijstral will be playing in the visualAID exhibition (you know how was weird to see my lame casiotone aside of the piece of Beck? But yes, it have sense, one of my drummer once told me that me and Beck we look the same and we could be brothers.) 


    Don´t miss it! It will be the last concert for some months (due to travels, extra works, and so on!)


    Here´s the program:

    17 May 2013, 7 pm
    (Dis)playing paper, hours and constellations

    Performances by Miss Machine, Achim Lengerer/ Scriptings, Fausto Maijstral and

    Conversations with Susanne Husse (Curator District), Jana Sotzko and Theresa Stroetges (Musicologists, curators of VISUAL AID), Roman Schramm and Paul Sochacki (artists, SKULPI III).

    Starting point for the series (Dis)playing paper, hours and constellations are different forms of art publication projects respectively artists’ expanded drawing and writing practices. From January 31 to May 25, 2013, District Kunst und Kulturförderung Berlin presents four exhibition experiments and performative exercises under this title, which are developed by artists, theorists and curators from the edition and magazine formats Scriptings, VOLUME, SKULPI III and the research project on contemporary musical notation, VISUAL AID.

    On May 17, the participants of the four different exhibition parts meet to reflect their contributions and to discuss the project (Dis)playing paper, hours and constellations in an open conversation. The conversation will be framed by the music performances of Miss Machine and Fausto Majistral as part of VISUAL AID and a lecture by Achim Lengerer/ Scriptings on his Rehearsing P.W.: documents and footnotes.


  4. Podcast of my interview on “Snaturarock” on Radio Sherwood

    You can listen to my interview (on air last Suday) in "Snaturarock", an amazing broadcast about new Italian music by Francesca Ognibene or air every Sunday at 15 on Radio Sherwood. Interview in Italian…here I speak about Boring Machines, Onga, making drones, Pauline Oliveros and many many times about my hero Roy Montgomery, Will Gresson and the joy of improvising, the multi-talented Alice Cannava´ of Occulto Magazine, the talented Lara Schilling that made the cover of my album, the weird way I´ve met Filipe Dias De, my ethernal gratitude to Diego Ferri and Brian Pyle, and how bad has been my ex-boyfriend when inspires me “Portect me from what I want”, the bliss of having a baritone guitar, and of course, hairdryers. :-)



  5. DC news, 18-02-13

    [#] I´m finally officially part of Boring Machines! I´m very happy and proud of that. This is my page, and I´m close to some of my favorite artists and very good friends.

    [#] Pre-orders of my debut LP "Nar" are possible from BM website, it will be shipped from April 8th (two days before DuChamp´s birthday!). This is how Onga described it:

    "Nar is the first solo record of DuChamp. It has been composed and recorded through reharsal space changing, ideas deleted, fatwas from former lovers during year 2012 in Berlin.
    All tracks are played by DuChamp and recorded and mixed by Diego Ferri. Brian Pyle (Ensemble Economique, Starving Weirdos) sung in “A Worship” and also did the mastering.
    The albums is released on LP with cover photo by Lara Schilling and graphics by Alice Cannavà (Occulto Magazine).”

    [#] And you can listen to a song from soundcloud here…

    [#] Tonight, with my bandmates Brabrabra I´m among the performers on stage for the first Maher Shalal Hash Baz show in Berlin. 

    [#] My next gig as solo in Berlin will be in April 6th! Massive party, soon updates…and for some of you which are in Berlin, my fellows Eternal Zio are coming to play in town around 13-14 April, more news soon…

    [#] There are rumors of a tour in California in April of me, Bemydelay and another very cool Italian grrrl. News soon!

    [#] Bemydelay released this wonderful EP last week end. I totally adore it.

    [#] This great band from Berlin, Ruins of Krüger, released a mini album last week end. It´s really really cool. I´m in the acknowledgments for having lend a couple of blank tapes! 8-tracks magics. 

    [#] Also my buddies Sun Worship released a new album lately, which is amazing! Following my sudden love for doom, this summer I´ll start a doom band with my talented and cool friend Anna Vo (which is producer and graphic of this album). I have a Schecter black baritone, at the end of the day this should happens, sooner or later…

    [#] While Felix, Will and me we are finishing to mixing our Fausto Maijstral debut album, you can listen to the recordings of our show in Knockenbox here. Will Gresson and  Preslav Literary School have their split tape out for the UK label Bomb Shop. I do have the vinyl and sounds so good.

    [#] And that´s me and my lover´s last crush. That tremolo guitar.


  7. The Extended Amorphous drone for multiple head

    That was much fun! That´s the recordings of the performance conceived by Aidan Baker I was participating in last Sept, here´s the list of the performers:

    Aidan Baker (Nadja) – guitar
    Andrea Belfi (Hobocombo, B/S/S) – percussion
    Soren Brothers (Man Meets Bear) – ukelele, melodica
    Dirk Dresselhaus (SchniederTM) – guitar/flute
    Will Gresson (Fausto Maijstral) - guitar
    Jasmine Monique Guffond (Jasmina Machina) – laptop
    Rene Margaff (Pillowdiver, Twopeopleinaroom) – guitar
    Jeremie Mortier – percussion
    Felipe Salizar – percussion
    Stefania Predetti (OvO, ?Alos) – guitar/voice
    Du Champ (solo, Fausto Maijstral) – baritone guitar


  8. Finally the split Preslav Literary School/Will Gresson for Auckland’s label Hell is now love is out! Just 8 copies left on acetate ! Hurry up!


  9. DuChamp news, 140912

    Hallo hallo! some news! 

    [#] Many thanks to who came yesterday for that rad Noisekölln event featuring Expo70, Ancient Ocean, and me. Very happy to have opened for them, such cool guys! They are extensively touring Europe, check their schedule and don´t miss them! 

    [#] From tomorrow, I´ll start to record the first album of my drone band Fausto Maijstral! I´m very excited. We actually have SONGS. Felix from Sun Worship (which, as you know, is one of my favorite band) will record us, which is even more exciting! 

    [#] And, that is absolutely amazing, both my bandmate Will Gresson and me we are  part of the Maze festival. We will perform as part of the THE EXTENDED AMORPHOUS DRONE FOR MULTIPLE HEADS curated by Aidan Baker (from Nadja, which is also one of my favorite bands!). This is going to happen in West Germany, Xberg, on Fri 21 Sept from 21. Check schedule and the whole festival here

    [#] I have concerts in Italy with Eternal Zio (beloved italian drone-folk band) in Milan and Genoa, around 28/29 Sept, I´ll post more precisely later (is Fri for everybody, also for DuChamp). 

    and, now, more pom-grenades. :-)


  10. Live report from Istanbul gigs!

    Live report from Istanbul gigs by Selektives Hören Archiv

    Part One: Fausto Maijstral + Tatsumi Ryusui @ Peyote Club

    Part Two: DuChamp + Will Gresson + Tatsumi Ryusui @ Deform müzik 

    and here´s a live track where I play my baritone (which name is Bilinda, in case you care) with a cello bow…try to imagine in which part of the song (I personally don´t remember…)