1. DuChamp news 29/02/12

    Hi there! First of all, many thanks to the people from the Zone for having wonderfully hosted me, Biblo, Saiko and Nanabianca yesterday night! Thanks to Biblo for her amazing set, to Saiko for her dreamy visual work and to Nanabianca for her awesome dj set! A special thanks also to Svet, cause she couldn´t make it at the end, and we missed her…

    [#] Is totally awesome that my next gigs will be in Istanbul! Gigs confirmed are in Peyote on March 14th (as Fausto Maijstral) and on Dogz Star on March 16th (as solo, with Will Gresson solo as well!). Will be touring with us Tatsumi Ryusui and Svet. I´m very excited…I adore Istanbul!

    [#] I´m starting to record for my solo album! My friend Diego Ferri is recording me (with an incredible patience) and dealing with everything I refuse to deal with, such as, ProTools, impedence, and so on. Joseph Angelo/Luperci promise me he´ll make an artwork for it, and, being what I request, I´m very curious :-). No need to say, the graphic will be cured by my everlasting partner in crime Alice of Occulto Magazine!

    [#] Speaking about incredible others patient and talented people, Jayke Stambach of History of Colour TV, processed, mixed and master my bass noisy tracks for my first release on tape. The title is “Things will never be the same” and it´s going to come out in the next months from a Berlin-based tape label. Saiko Ryusui will curated the artwork. 

    [#] Next gig of my beloved all-girl lo fi pop band BraBraBra will be on March 29 @ Ä 

    [#] I might make a couple of shows in Italy as well in April, over Easter time


  2. DuChamp live next tUE!


    I´m very pleased to announce my next gig, with some artists that I really love…Biblo from Istanbul and Svet from Berlin/Italy. During the evening my friend and bandmate Saiko Ryusui will make a special visual installation and my everlasting partner in crime Alice a.k.a. dj Nanabianca will make a special selection of amazing music!