1. O C C U L T O F E S T 1 4

    Occulto Fest 2014: Indeterminacy
    2-3 May 2014 @WestGermany, Skalitzerstr. 133, 10999 Berlin

    2 May, 8pm-open end


    Ensemble Economique


    Marta Zapparoli

    DJ SET

    Mat Pogo



    3 May 2014, 8pm – open end


    Jackie-O Motherfucker

    UMCB – Von Tesla & Sara Bonaventura

    Ruins of Krüger

    DJ SET



    Vermin by Adi Gelbart


  2. DC news, 040613

    [#] I´m very happy to announce I´ll perform Occultofest 13 (I know, ahahah, but still, is rad, isn´t?) Sat June 8th same bill with La Piramide di Sangue and Davide Coccolo (from How Much Chuck…) solo project. And please, don´t miss either the second night because there is the wondergirls Epiphany Now, our local techno hero Moon Wheel and a great guest from the Bay Area, KWJAZ.

    Program and info here:


    [#] In July 7th I´ll perform at Idiosyncratics´ Black Sun Jamboree festival, with Angela Nina Yowell (US), Athlete´s foot (Max Plank & Rutgher Verstoppen, KERM), Piume di Pavone (Phil Maggi & Phil Cavaleri, Idiosyncratics) and Räum !

    [#] I´ll be touring motherland the last week of September, dates will be announced soon. In the meantime, for my extreme joy, I´ll be performing in Rock Valley Festival, July 19th, Santa Maria della Versa (PV). That means, in between the most beautiful ills of the world. :-) ! More info tba!

    [#] If you were wondering what the world was missing to be a good place, well, a record from Brabrabra. We are going to record in July, and it will be the first release of Andrew Kemp + me´s tape label. Expect raddess. BBB are in the line up for Torstrassen fest! Check it out!




  3. OF13!

                                   O C C U L T O F E S T  2 0 1 3 

                                      .Expect metamorphosis.


    Expect fly-like mutants, giant beetles, the new issue of Occulto Magazine and great live performances: here comes the Metamorphosis.

    8 JUNE -  8pm/1am

    DUCHAMP (IT/DE, Boring Machines)

    Solo project of the guitar player of How Much Wood Would a Woodchuck Chuck If a Woodchuck Could Chuck Wood? 

    LA PIRAMIDE DI SANGUE (IT/DE Boring Machines/Sound of Cobra)

    9 JUNE - 8pm/1am


    KWJAZ (US, Not Not Fun)

    MOON WHEEL (SE/DE, Not Not Fun)

    + distros, dj, Occulto new issue, smart talks and so on…


  4. Podcast of my interview on “Snaturarock” on Radio Sherwood

    You can listen to my interview (on air last Suday) in "Snaturarock", an amazing broadcast about new Italian music by Francesca Ognibene or air every Sunday at 15 on Radio Sherwood. Interview in Italian…here I speak about Boring Machines, Onga, making drones, Pauline Oliveros and many many times about my hero Roy Montgomery, Will Gresson and the joy of improvising, the multi-talented Alice Cannava´ of Occulto Magazine, the talented Lara Schilling that made the cover of my album, the weird way I´ve met Filipe Dias De, my ethernal gratitude to Diego Ferri and Brian Pyle, and how bad has been my ex-boyfriend when inspires me “Portect me from what I want”, the bliss of having a baritone guitar, and of course, hairdryers. :-)



  5. Occulto compilation #2

    I´m part of Occulto Compilation # 2 along with great artists such as Eternal Zio, Von Tesla, Squadra Omega, Mace and so on…

    You can receive your code for bandcamp download purchasing the next issue of Occulto Magazine

    Occulto explores new possibilities in the popularisation of science in connection to other fields such as the visual arts, parascientific theories and history of ideas.


  6. Poster for this amazing show in Bruxelles: Shelter Press and Occulto Magazine presents DuChamp and Je suis le petit chevalier in concert! At Wiels, 29-10-12



  7. DC news, 091012

    [#] I´m very glad to announce my upcoming small tour in Belgium at the end of this months with Occulto Magazine (so, Alice Cannavà). We are very glad we share an evening with a musician we really love, Félicia Atkisons and her great publish company Shelter Press.

    You can find me + my partner in crime and her amazing magazine here:

    Sun Oct 28 @ Donkey Kollektief in Bruges

    Mon Oct 29 @ WIELS in Bruxelles w/Je suis le petit chevalier and Shelter Press

    Many thanks for Jonas and to Félicia for putting up the shows (many hearts).

    On Sat I´m in Amsterdam to visit my long long time friend Manu and on Tue, I´m coming to get him. Come come come!! 

    [#] A cdr or cassette will be release just for the tour! more news asap!

    [#] An, it´s official, my first full lenght will be out in a couple of months for one of my favourite label, Boring Machine from Italy, same label of great artists such as Rella, Bemydelay, Fabio Orsi, Expo70, Philippe Petit, La Piramide di Sangue, Father Murphy, Squadra Omega and many many others…check all releases here: 


    nice release party will be set up, with I hope a really special guest ;-)


  8. Occultofest 2012 the Armageddon edition!

    Occultofest 2012 is coming, thank God. Save the date and book your flights/trains/car lifts: Occultofest 2012 Armageddon Edition will happen in May 25th and 26th in Berlin Kreuzberg.

    More info on concerts program very soon here!

    This year we will have a series of talks instead of a workshop, and there is a call for talks, we warmly invite all to submit ideas!

    And, as always, a manifesto!

    "Let it be a giant asteroid hitting the earth, the ultimate economical crisis, the third world war, the return of the big reptiles due to the Earth overheating, or a bunch of helicopters dropping napalm accompanied by Wagner’s The Ride of the Valkyries: Apocalypse is indeed not just a specialty number of religious fanatism and more or less articulated esoteric discourse. One or more of its possibile declination…continue reading



  9. DuChamp news 29/02/12

    Hi there! First of all, many thanks to the people from the Zone for having wonderfully hosted me, Biblo, Saiko and Nanabianca yesterday night! Thanks to Biblo for her amazing set, to Saiko for her dreamy visual work and to Nanabianca for her awesome dj set! A special thanks also to Svet, cause she couldn´t make it at the end, and we missed her…

    [#] Is totally awesome that my next gigs will be in Istanbul! Gigs confirmed are in Peyote on March 14th (as Fausto Maijstral) and on Dogz Star on March 16th (as solo, with Will Gresson solo as well!). Will be touring with us Tatsumi Ryusui and Svet. I´m very excited…I adore Istanbul!

    [#] I´m starting to record for my solo album! My friend Diego Ferri is recording me (with an incredible patience) and dealing with everything I refuse to deal with, such as, ProTools, impedence, and so on. Joseph Angelo/Luperci promise me he´ll make an artwork for it, and, being what I request, I´m very curious :-). No need to say, the graphic will be cured by my everlasting partner in crime Alice of Occulto Magazine!

    [#] Speaking about incredible others patient and talented people, Jayke Stambach of History of Colour TV, processed, mixed and master my bass noisy tracks for my first release on tape. The title is “Things will never be the same” and it´s going to come out in the next months from a Berlin-based tape label. Saiko Ryusui will curated the artwork. 

    [#] Next gig of my beloved all-girl lo fi pop band BraBraBra will be on March 29 @ Ä 

    [#] I might make a couple of shows in Italy as well in April, over Easter time


  10. DuChamp live next tUE!


    I´m very pleased to announce my next gig, with some artists that I really love…Biblo from Istanbul and Svet from Berlin/Italy. During the evening my friend and bandmate Saiko Ryusui will make a special visual installation and my everlasting partner in crime Alice a.k.a. dj Nanabianca will make a special selection of amazing music!