1. DuChamp news, 27/04/12

    [#] The unpredictability of life, and the constant serendipity that follows me like the echo of my baritone, makes that I end up to start a collaboration with Brian Pyle from Ensemble Economique/Starving Weirdos! Just yesterday Brian recorded a vocal track for "A worship" and now, the song is as it would have meant to be! Plus, he´s going to master my album. Plus, we might start a garage band together! No need to say, I feel incredibly grateful for that, especially cause so far it costed me a eggplants/tomatoes pasta and a short mending on a pair on trousers. 

    [#] The other wonderful thing is that I´m going to play with Concern, which is one of my drone-superhero, on May 13th at The Zone! Get more infos following La gioiosa macchina da guerra blog. 

    [#] Also, on May 13th, I will perform for the first time live the piece I have with Filipe Dias De! So, don´t miss it…travels, connections and misconnections makes this chance more or less unique. 

    [#] Last but not least, get yourself prepared for Occultofest 2012! Berlin Kreuzberg, 25 and 26 of May. 


  2. That´s the title of the blog I run with other people (notably, Alice from Occulto Magazine) to promote events/concerts of my band (Fausto Maijstral), of friends, or just concerts/festivals I like, or organize, or help to organize here in Berlin. 

    The name of the blog means “the joyful war machine”, is not related to military at all, it´s something ironic, and it´s referred to the nickname the very last leader of the Italian Communist Party, Achille Occhetto, gives to the coalition of left/center left parties during the elections of 94, being he was sure they could win. 

    When me and Alice we made Occultofest 2011 last year, with our friend Laura, Diego and Alessandro, we saw it as a impossible task, since we were few people, we had no money, we didn´t know nobody in “real” press…so, ironically, we called the blog like that. 

    Actually the story taught us that in our case, love, enthusiasm and a total D.I.Y. approach were more than enough…

    So, are you ready for the 2012 edition? We are! 


  3. Playing at Occulto Magazine launch Jan 14th in Berlin

    Hallo! I’m very glad to announce that I’ll perform during the party for the launch of Occulto magazine, issue 1. The concert will be in General Public, in the Mitte (Schönhauser Allee 167c , Metro Senefelder Platz). Playing the same night, for the first time live Tatsemme, collaboration between Japanese multi-instrumentalist Tatsumi Ryusui and Italian drummer/noiser Emme. 

    6 pm – 10pm
    The Apocalypse is round corner, and we do want to be prepared. Occulto Magazine asked some brilliant composers, musicians and other music professionals to recommend old and new tracks that can help us on the way.
    Occulto Magazine and friends/collaborators will also curate video and paper installations that will be on display all night long.

    TATSEMME (Tatsumi Ryusui + EMME) 



  4. Live recordings on Selektive Hören Archiv

    Selektive Hören Archiv is the blog/archive run by my younger brother and bandmate Will Gresson. He curate texts, photos and recordings for the archives; I’m very often with Will when he record and he ask to the artist if he may…and nobody say no until now!

    Will is able to see in the Berlin’s artistic scene one very rare and amazing thing: the deeply sense of community. We share not just taste for music, we share life tips, food, drinks, time, smiles, tears, tenderness and some critique as well. 

    But mostly we share stages, and when we have friends/guests that comes along, we love to play together. That was one of those night, when I had the honour to open for three very good live sets, the all-Japanese noise combo Kuruucrew/Iku Sakan/Kakawaka (which is German: but he fluently speaks Japanese!), and two of the most interesting names of Italian psychedelia, Rella the Woodcutter and BeMy Delay.

    You can find audio recordings, photos and a very nice review here: