1. "Lack of God" from Brabrabra, taken from the the last gig with my beloved girl band Brabrabra ! 

    (Source: youtube.com)

  2. I notably play in other bands, this is one, an all-girl with attitude pop band, Brabrabra. This is an except from yesterday gig, in Ä! 


  3. Come to say hallo to DC !

    Tonight 10.02.12 @ Multi Layer Laden, adalbertstraße 4 Xberg at 21.00 I debut with my grrrrrrl band! 


    DT are the new Band from the botton of the seas. Come listening to the Neptuns flute and seashell whispers of the mermaid and the octopus with the old plasticbottles playing the raindrop melodies.

    BBB is a newborn band. we write nice songs, drink tea, eat biscuits wear glasses and brabrabra…

    Mo. 13/02/12 @ Madame Claude, Lübbener Str. XBerg 

    I play with Will in eXperiMontag!! amazing!

    FAUSTO MAIJSTRAL (Musique Concrete, Drone/NZ,IT) Fausto Maijstral is the duo of DuChamp (IT) and Will Gresson (NZ). Together they perform dense, musique concrete/drone pieces that explore memory and lived experience through heavily processed instruments and field recordings.  They performed with Concern (US), Family Battle Snake (GR), Steindor Kristinsson (IS), Iku Sakan (JP), Bemydelay (IT) and Rella the Woodcutter (IT), and opened the 2011 edition of Occultofest in Ausland, Berlin.



    both pictures courtesy of Tanya Mar http://www.tanyamar.de/

    KRAPOOLA (Impro, Sound Exploration/ES) Krapoola is a tamer who explores the ways that materials interact when the entropicio happens. Noise is a part of this, not a reality by itself. Along this learning path a memory has formed itself and oblivion has appeared. The mutation has just begun. Regression? For his performances Krapoola’s self-built devices are the usual. They mostly proceed from detritus and go towards the secret. One of his tricks is to spin three records at the same time - one at normal speed, another one twice as fast or slow and one gets played backwards. http://myspace.com/indhecenter

    dj set DAVIDLY (Implied Music and Ambient/US, DE)


  4. Live, updates

    Some live updates…I’ve not scheduled any live concert before Istanbul (middle of March 2012) but I’m playing with the two bands I have here in Germany!

    F A U S T O - M A I J S T R A L (drone, impro, psyche, saddest music in the world, IT/NZ)

    [#] Sun Jan 22nd @ The Zone (Reuterstrasse 58, NK) w/Drekka (US), Canid (US)

    [#] Mon Feb 13rd @ Madame Claude (Lubbener Str, KB) w/Krapoola (ES)

    Cute girl Band with no name yet (wave, noisy pop, love songs, girls with glasses, IT/JP)

    [#] Fri Feb 10th @ Multi Layer Laden (Adalberter strasse, KB) w/Tatsumi (JP)

    Fausto Maijstral live, pic by Eric Leclerq