1. On air this Sun on microwave.fm!

    Hi there!

    I’ll be on air (for Poland, online for ROTW) this Sun Jan 26 at 18 on microwave.fm in Zooecho Records by Phtalo Manatee. I’ll be a fennec. And I’m going to present an unrealized live recording, many never-heard-before field recordings I did in Italy, plus music by Mamuthones, Fabio Orsi, Concern, the mighty Gruppo di Improvvisazione Nuova Consonanza, Fausto Maijstral and an unrealized song by my sweet half!



  2. online the first song from Fausto Maijstral (Will Gresson and me duo project) debut album, out for La Station Radar! Enjoy!!

    Fausto Maijstral - Naval Reserve

    Album - LP
    release date : 27th January 2014.

    All sounds written, arranged and performed by Fausto Maijstral.
    Recorded and mixed by Felix-Florian Tödloff
    Mastered by Brian Pyle

  3.         Tue Dec 3rd @ Echo bücher, Grünthalerstr.9 Berlin Wedding h 21

                         Lara Schilling live drawing + DuChamp live music 

    and, on display: Occulto Magazine, Boring Machines LPs and CD and Kitchen Leg records tapes! 






    personal note: this is one of my favorite gig this year. I met Lara at my show with Expo70. She sat close to me and she asked me if we could be friends. Yes, like in the elementary school. When those things happens you wonder why people stop to do that in adulthood. Briefly, we became very good friends, in this year I was able to appreciate much her talent as designer and photographer and having cleaver, enjoyable and intelligent conversations with her. She made the cover for my debut album, “Nar” and she’s going to do also the one for Fausto Maijstral’s LP. We went to see a great amount of shows together, like Colin Statson, and many others. Plus, she’s indeed a great friend. That means, she made me the right question, when she asked me, if I wanted be her friend. 


  4. Playing with Fausto Maijstral in NK ! Nov 9th!

                                          Sat Nov 9th @ enKa, Berlin 

                   Fausto Maijstral / T’ien Lai / Robert Piernikowski


    Fausto Maijstral is the duo of DuChamp (IT) and Will Gresson (NZ). Together they perform dense, long musique concrete/drone pieces that explore memories and lived experience through heavily processed instruments and field recordings. They performed several time in Berlin with Nadja, Concern, Bill Kouligas, Preslav Literary School, Krapoola, Sun Worship, and many others.

    Their debut album will be released on vinyl in Nov 2013 by La station Radar. The album has been recorded by Felix Florian Tödloff and master by Brian Pyle (Ensemble Economique, Starving Weirdos). It consist in four pieces equally influenced by pure drone, noise-a-la Dead C, folk, kraut, joint together by field recordings.


    T’ien Lai, which translates as „celestial music”, is yet another interesting project from the enigmatic Milieu L’Acephale’s catalogue. Influenced in equal measure by ancient Jewish mysticism and the works of Philip K. Dick, Bydgoszcz duo use vintage radios, samplers, synths and a variety of effects to create deeply meditative sound situated somewhere within the definition of ambient music.


    Robert Piernikowski „Się Żegnaj” is a debut album of Robert Piernikowski, recorded for Few Quiet People. Making an album was a pretty spontaneous project. I made it in two months I think. I was trying to catch this unique sound of my house and the nature – says Piernikowski. „Się Żegnaj” sounds completely different than other albums in FQP’s catalogue. Piernikowski deals with experimental hip-hop and classic electronic sounds creating mind-blowing compositions. Robert Piernikowski is a co-founder of experimental hip-hop band Napszyklat. If you’re a fan of Napszyklat, you should get (steal!) this album. Robert Piernikowski used laptop, tape recorder and keyboards. All other instruments played by Robert Piernikowski Recorded between March/May 2012 in Poznan, Poland. Mixed & Mastered by Robert Piernikowski, Poznan, Poland.



  5. DC news, 09-07-13

    [#] My next show will be in Italy, Rock Valley Fest, Santa Maria della Versa (PV), on Fri 19-07. I´ll play the after show I guess that means late…but, you should not miss the rest, the program is very nice, the wine delicious, the food great and you can see the most beautiful hills of the world. Yep, this is were I comes from! I´ll have a bunch of my vinyl with me, if you want to buy some ;-)

    [#] But you can also order my debut album “Nar” from Boring Machines…it is worth to have if you´re not convinced, read here ;-) ! 

    [#] I´ll be touring Italy in the last week of September: Pistoia, Roma, Itri, Viterbo, Venezia, Bologna, Torino…dates will be announced very very soon! Promoters, prepare your table, you don´t have any idea how big can be my appetite! 

    [#] I will have the joy to share a side of a tape of Felicia Atkisons and mine release for Idiosyncratic Records! More info soon. 

    [#] Good good news for my band Fausto Maijstral: our debut album, recorded just some months ago with Felix-Florian Toedloff, will be released on vinyl in October by the great French label La Station Radar. We are very very excited! 

    [#] Fausto Maijstral will perform this Thu 11-07 at Brunnen70! Don´t miss it, is a very early show (like 20.30ish). Address is Brunnen70, ahahah, close to U8 Voltastrasse. 

    [#] And, my girl band Brabrabra has just finish to record their 9 tracks pop milestone (always with Felix Florian Toedloff, now in his pop disguise), that will turn into the very first tape of Andrew´s and mine record label (still no name, we are undecided!). Next concert so far will be at Torstrasse Festival, on the stage of Network Awesome. 

    soon I can post the picture of my OWN pomegranate plants. But for the moment,




  6. Performance of my drone band Fausto Maijstral this FRIDAY!

    Hi there! Fausto Maijstral will be playing in the visualAID exhibition (you know how was weird to see my lame casiotone aside of the piece of Beck? But yes, it have sense, one of my drummer once told me that me and Beck we look the same and we could be brothers.) 


    Don´t miss it! It will be the last concert for some months (due to travels, extra works, and so on!)


    Here´s the program:

    17 May 2013, 7 pm
    (Dis)playing paper, hours and constellations

    Performances by Miss Machine, Achim Lengerer/ Scriptings, Fausto Maijstral and

    Conversations with Susanne Husse (Curator District), Jana Sotzko and Theresa Stroetges (Musicologists, curators of VISUAL AID), Roman Schramm and Paul Sochacki (artists, SKULPI III).

    Starting point for the series (Dis)playing paper, hours and constellations are different forms of art publication projects respectively artists’ expanded drawing and writing practices. From January 31 to May 25, 2013, District Kunst und Kulturförderung Berlin presents four exhibition experiments and performative exercises under this title, which are developed by artists, theorists and curators from the edition and magazine formats Scriptings, VOLUME, SKULPI III and the research project on contemporary musical notation, VISUAL AID.

    On May 17, the participants of the four different exhibition parts meet to reflect their contributions and to discuss the project (Dis)playing paper, hours and constellations in an open conversation. The conversation will be framed by the music performances of Miss Machine and Fausto Majistral as part of VISUAL AID and a lecture by Achim Lengerer/ Scriptings on his Rehearsing P.W.: documents and footnotes.


  7. DC news, 02/05/13

    [#] My debut album “Nar” from Boring Machines is finally ONLINE and stream-able, buy-able, ship-able. Just follow this link: 


    [#] In the meantime, my Casio keyboard with some flashy pink tapes that I´ve used to remember what keys have to push, sit in the collective exhibition VISUALAID in District Berlin until May 25th. VISUALAID is curated by Jana Sotzo and Theresa Stroetges and have the aim to investigate new and unusual way to notate music in modern composition. The song present is a Fausto Maijstral one, present in our forthcoming album.

    [#] I just get back from one of the most exciting experience in my life: touring California! The whole thing has been wonderful, I´ll post pictures, memories, and audiofiles. I´ve the bliss to play in The Lab in San Francisco, Life Changing Ministry in Oakland, Valentines in Portland…and I share the stage with amazing musician such as Jacky O Motherfucker, Jeffrey Alexander, Concern, Kevin Greenspoon, Freemountain Pulsewave, ASSS and of course Ensemble Economique. And I´ve wonderfully welcomed and hosted by a lot of rad people…couldn´t ask better!

    [#] I´ve get already eight reviews of my album, which made me extremely happy, so I´ve put all links here: http://duchampdrone.tumblr.com/reviews

    [#] I´ll be interviewed live in Radio Sherwood this Sunday May 5th at 3.15 pm (in my mother tongue) in the radio broadcast Snatura Rock, and you can listen following this link!

    [#] In the meantime, the mega-radio friendly "A Worship" has been broadcasted in the Hybrida soundspace radio show, in "Los Ensemble Economique" in KHSU in Arcata, and in Kinky Star Radio show.

    [#] And, last but now least, I had the immense joy to be reviewed in Blow Up Magazine, which is my favorite music magazine since a lot of years, and I´m a faithful subscriber from Berlin too! I´m in the April issue, the review has been written by Gino Dal Soler. At the end, he wrote that in the last song one can have the sensation that some light finally enters. Yes, it does! It´s the “deep blue eyes” effect :-)


  9. The Extended Amorphous drone for multiple head

    That was much fun! That´s the recordings of the performance conceived by Aidan Baker I was participating in last Sept, here´s the list of the performers:

    Aidan Baker (Nadja) – guitar
    Andrea Belfi (Hobocombo, B/S/S) – percussion
    Soren Brothers (Man Meets Bear) – ukelele, melodica
    Dirk Dresselhaus (SchniederTM) – guitar/flute
    Will Gresson (Fausto Maijstral) - guitar
    Jasmine Monique Guffond (Jasmina Machina) – laptop
    Rene Margaff (Pillowdiver, Twopeopleinaroom) – guitar
    Jeremie Mortier – percussion
    Felipe Salizar – percussion
    Stefania Predetti (OvO, ?Alos) – guitar/voice
    Du Champ (solo, Fausto Maijstral) – baritone guitar


  10. DC news, 17-01-13

    [#] Many thanks to everyone that come to Nika Son, Biblo, and my show in Loophole. Was much fun and I adore that ladies. We´re going to play together soon again! <3 Turkish wife! 

    [#] I´m going to play with Brabrabra on Jan 31 in ZMF. So the world can listen to our new creations, “Passport” (the new wave song) and “Löwe in Tahiti” (the exotica song). More info soon.

    [#] And also, I´m going to play with Fausto Maijstral in ZMF (again!) on Feb 7th with Wizard Ashdod and Sea Urchin! Yum! 

    [#] Prepare your money, NAR is coming out SOON!