1. This is a beautiful picture made by Tanya Mar of me performing with my band Fausto Maijstral in the Zone, Berlin NK 22-01-12 w/Drekka, Canid and Black Vacation (<3 <3 <3).


  2. Drekka, Canid

    And listening to that, I’m quite excited about Sunday night…

    Noisek├Âlln and No Fear of Pop presents: Drekka (US), Canid (US), Fausto Maijstral (NZ/IT), Black Vacation (AU) live @ The Zone, Reuterstrasse 58 NK Sun 22 Jan at 9 p.m.


  3. Live, updates

    Some live updates…I’ve not scheduled any live concert before Istanbul (middle of March 2012) but I’m playing with the two bands I have here in Germany!

    F A U S T O - M A I J S T R A L (drone, impro, psyche, saddest music in the world, IT/NZ)

    [#] Sun Jan 22nd @ The Zone (Reuterstrasse 58, NK) w/Drekka (US), Canid (US)

    [#] Mon Feb 13rd @ Madame Claude (Lubbener Str, KB) w/Krapoola (ES)

    Cute girl Band with no name yet (wave, noisy pop, love songs, girls with glasses, IT/JP)

    [#] Fri Feb 10th @ Multi Layer Laden (Adalberter strasse, KB) w/Tatsumi (JP)

    Fausto Maijstral live, pic by Eric Leclerq