1. DC news, 14-01-14

    [#] Happy new year! I came back from a real holiday, no concerts, just travels + inspirations. I’ve been in a bilingual country where I speak both languages, that now I love so much!! Oakland, watch out, I guess I love Montreal more than you…

    [#] The album I’ve realized with Fausto Maijstral (me + Will Gresson duo) is coming out on Jan 27 from La Station Radar. It’s going to be a lot of drone, some more folkish song (praise to SOOA) and a very very Can song. We recorded in summer 2012 by Felix Florian Toedloff and then has been master by Brian Pyle. We are very excited about that!! It’s going to be a limited edition of 250 copies, with the cover artwork of Lara Schilling, band photo from Tanya Mar and a poster inside. In the meantime, you can listen to one song on LSR soundcloud page

    [#] Next show with my girl band Brabrabra is going to be on Thu 16 Jan in Schokoladen, we will share the stage with a very cool girl band from Berlin called The Anna Thompsons. In the meantime, all BBB tapes get sold out in a couple of weeks, so the mighty Kitchen Leg rec made a new reprint of 60 tapes, last ones, so if you want one, better hurry up! 

    [#] Tune on the radio on Jan 26 at 18 (on microwave.fm) because there will be a mixtape made by me…I was invited to do one for Zooecho records, so I happily did one where I’ve throw, among the others, Il gruppo di improvvisazione nuova consonanza, my labelmates Fabio Orsi & Mamuthones, my own hero Concern, Fausto Maijstral and my sweet half! 

    [#] Coming next: next cassette release, shows, plans, recordings with Sacco e Vanzetti, a new band called The Roman Catholics, new flaming release with Kitchen Leg records, Occultofest 2014 and much much more!


  2. Forthcoming single from the imminent debut cassette from Brabrabra.

    Brabrabra are a mysterious girl band based in Berlin. They play so-called universal pop while being proudly bespectacled.


  3. DC news, 09-07-13

    [#] My next show will be in Italy, Rock Valley Fest, Santa Maria della Versa (PV), on Fri 19-07. I´ll play the after show I guess that means late…but, you should not miss the rest, the program is very nice, the wine delicious, the food great and you can see the most beautiful hills of the world. Yep, this is were I comes from! I´ll have a bunch of my vinyl with me, if you want to buy some ;-)

    [#] But you can also order my debut album “Nar” from Boring Machines…it is worth to have if you´re not convinced, read here ;-) ! 

    [#] I´ll be touring Italy in the last week of September: Pistoia, Roma, Itri, Viterbo, Venezia, Bologna, Torino…dates will be announced very very soon! Promoters, prepare your table, you don´t have any idea how big can be my appetite! 

    [#] I will have the joy to share a side of a tape of Felicia Atkisons and mine release for Idiosyncratic Records! More info soon. 

    [#] Good good news for my band Fausto Maijstral: our debut album, recorded just some months ago with Felix-Florian Toedloff, will be released on vinyl in October by the great French label La Station Radar. We are very very excited! 

    [#] Fausto Maijstral will perform this Thu 11-07 at Brunnen70! Don´t miss it, is a very early show (like 20.30ish). Address is Brunnen70, ahahah, close to U8 Voltastrasse. 

    [#] And, my girl band Brabrabra has just finish to record their 9 tracks pop milestone (always with Felix Florian Toedloff, now in his pop disguise), that will turn into the very first tape of Andrew´s and mine record label (still no name, we are undecided!). Next concert so far will be at Torstrasse Festival, on the stage of Network Awesome. 

    soon I can post the picture of my OWN pomegranate plants. But for the moment,




  4. DC news, 040613

    [#] I´m very happy to announce I´ll perform Occultofest 13 (I know, ahahah, but still, is rad, isn´t?) Sat June 8th same bill with La Piramide di Sangue and Davide Coccolo (from How Much Chuck…) solo project. And please, don´t miss either the second night because there is the wondergirls Epiphany Now, our local techno hero Moon Wheel and a great guest from the Bay Area, KWJAZ.

    Program and info here:


    [#] In July 7th I´ll perform at Idiosyncratics´ Black Sun Jamboree festival, with Angela Nina Yowell (US), Athlete´s foot (Max Plank & Rutgher Verstoppen, KERM), Piume di Pavone (Phil Maggi & Phil Cavaleri, Idiosyncratics) and Räum !

    [#] I´ll be touring motherland the last week of September, dates will be announced soon. In the meantime, for my extreme joy, I´ll be performing in Rock Valley Festival, July 19th, Santa Maria della Versa (PV). That means, in between the most beautiful ills of the world. :-) ! More info tba!

    [#] If you were wondering what the world was missing to be a good place, well, a record from Brabrabra. We are going to record in July, and it will be the first release of Andrew Kemp + me´s tape label. Expect raddess. BBB are in the line up for Torstrassen fest! Check it out!




  5. DC news, 18-02-13

    [#] I´m finally officially part of Boring Machines! I´m very happy and proud of that. This is my page, and I´m close to some of my favorite artists and very good friends.

    [#] Pre-orders of my debut LP "Nar" are possible from BM website, it will be shipped from April 8th (two days before DuChamp´s birthday!). This is how Onga described it:

    "Nar is the first solo record of DuChamp. It has been composed and recorded through reharsal space changing, ideas deleted, fatwas from former lovers during year 2012 in Berlin.
    All tracks are played by DuChamp and recorded and mixed by Diego Ferri. Brian Pyle (Ensemble Economique, Starving Weirdos) sung in “A Worship” and also did the mastering.
    The albums is released on LP with cover photo by Lara Schilling and graphics by Alice Cannavà (Occulto Magazine).”

    [#] And you can listen to a song from soundcloud here…

    [#] Tonight, with my bandmates Brabrabra I´m among the performers on stage for the first Maher Shalal Hash Baz show in Berlin. 

    [#] My next gig as solo in Berlin will be in April 6th! Massive party, soon updates…and for some of you which are in Berlin, my fellows Eternal Zio are coming to play in town around 13-14 April, more news soon…

    [#] There are rumors of a tour in California in April of me, Bemydelay and another very cool Italian grrrl. News soon!

    [#] Bemydelay released this wonderful EP last week end. I totally adore it.

    [#] This great band from Berlin, Ruins of Krüger, released a mini album last week end. It´s really really cool. I´m in the acknowledgments for having lend a couple of blank tapes! 8-tracks magics. 

    [#] Also my buddies Sun Worship released a new album lately, which is amazing! Following my sudden love for doom, this summer I´ll start a doom band with my talented and cool friend Anna Vo (which is producer and graphic of this album). I have a Schecter black baritone, at the end of the day this should happens, sooner or later…

    [#] While Felix, Will and me we are finishing to mixing our Fausto Maijstral debut album, you can listen to the recordings of our show in Knockenbox here. Will Gresson and  Preslav Literary School have their split tape out for the UK label Bomb Shop. I do have the vinyl and sounds so good.

    [#] And that´s me and my lover´s last crush. That tremolo guitar.


  6. Maher Shalal Hash Baz w/Brabrabra on stage!

    I´m very glad to announce that my beloved girl band, Brabrabra, is going to perform on stage with Japanese improviser Maher Shalal Hash Baz Monday Feb 18th in Marie Antoinette!

    we are very excited! Concert will starts at 9 pm with performace by Iku Sakan and Anders Lauge Meldgaard


  7. DC news, 17-01-13

    [#] Many thanks to everyone that come to Nika Son, Biblo, and my show in Loophole. Was much fun and I adore that ladies. We´re going to play together soon again! <3 Turkish wife! 

    [#] I´m going to play with Brabrabra on Jan 31 in ZMF. So the world can listen to our new creations, “Passport” (the new wave song) and “Löwe in Tahiti” (the exotica song). More info soon.

    [#] And also, I´m going to play with Fausto Maijstral in ZMF (again!) on Feb 7th with Wizard Ashdod and Sea Urchin! Yum! 

    [#] Prepare your money, NAR is coming out SOON! 

  8. And I have possibly the most genious girlfriends a person can have. Here I´m playing with BraBraBra our last smash hit, “Tropical sensation” !

    if you wanna be our lover, at least consider being our fan
  9. "Lack of God" from Brabrabra, taken from the the last gig with my beloved girl band Brabrabra ! 

    (Source: youtube.com)

  10. I notably play in other bands, this is one, an all-girl with attitude pop band, Brabrabra. This is an except from yesterday gig, in Ä!