1. Pictures of my gig in Ausland, Berlin with EPIPHANY NOW  epiphany-now and BIBLO roketto…thanks girls, Ausland and Liebig12, an amazing evening! 


  2. DC news, 10-10-13

    [#] Happy birthday Giuseppe Verdi

    [#] I play tonight in Ausland (Lychenerstr. 22 P´berg) with my beloved Biblo and the very talented Epiphany Now! It´s going to be a very special performance, because every act will melt into the other. Doors opens at 20.30, I start SHARP at 21. 

    [#] My tour in Italy (trenitalia tour) has been amazing. A big heartfelt thanks to anyone that helps me to do that! Onga, Brigadisco, Forte Fanfulla, Tony, Gher (la delirante), Matar Dolores, Allimprovviso Team, Nerodiseppia…I was already aware, but lately in Italy is growing an amazing underground scene, full of talented, passionate, and committed people! Check it out the release on Boring Machines, No-Fi, Brigadisco, Yerevan Tapes and many others and you´ll find a lot of pearls! 

    and, can´t talk bad about the train either! 

    [#] I´m finishing mixing my work for the split tape on Idiosyncratics with Felicia Atkinsons. More news very soon! 

    [#] Record release + concert for my drone band Fausto Maijstral. Our albuml (self titled) will be release next month by la Station Radar on vinyl. Our album has been recorded by Felix Florian Tödloff and master by Brian Pyle (Ensemble Economique, Starving Weirdos). It consist in four pieces equally influenced by pure drone, noise-a-la Dead C, folk, kraut, joint together by field recordings. The cover is, once again, a very beautiful artwork by Lara Schilling

    Our show will be in NK on Nov 9th with two great live acts from Poland, T´ien Lai and Robert Piernikowski

    [#] Still a little bit of delay for the release of Brabrabra debut tapes on Kitchen Leg records…but all this waiting would be not wasted! Expect a little pop jewel with a very nice collage cover! In the meantime, you can listen again and again “glass grave” here: 



  3. coming next: DuChamp, Biblo and Epiphany Now together!

    I’m very glad I’m playing with four talented and awesome girls in three days in Ausland Berlin! THU 10 Okt


    Liebig12 & ausland present:

    BIBLO (Istanbul)

    DU CHAMP (Italy/Berlin)

    EPIPHANY NOW (Berlin)


    Istanbul based artist Biblo, has been creating music out of everyday noises, field recordings and lazy, confused pieces of beats. Her record “On Ugliness” was released in a limited edition of 200 pieces as the first ever record on Quetzi Records (a-musik/Cologne) in May 2010 and her latest album ’Projection’ is released in March 2012 through her bandcamp. New album ‘Moved’ is out on German label Aentitainment.


    DuChamp is an Italian scientist, musician and curator based in Berlin, religiously devoted to drone. Drone is related to a precise childhood memory: the sound of the hair dryer, that her mother used to fix her hair: the sound of care, bliss, and infinite love. Since Aug 2010 she performed several time in Berlin (DE), in Italy, Turkey, Poland, Belgium and in the US West Coast. DuChamp uses different instruments (bass guitar, baritone guitar, keyboard, accordion) to find the closer one to “that” hair dryer. Her first solo album “NAR” has been released on Apr 14th from Boring Machines.


    is an electronic trio performing in a colored projection tipi. EPIPHANY NOW is a circle that improvises a chameleon of sound & visuals supported by PETIT NEON and his incredible slide projections.

    ABOUT THEIR EQUIPMENT keytare // mpc500 // stylophon // blockflöte // mundharmonik // mosuq-alarm-clock // triangel // gong // toms // kazoo // sampler // microkorg // kaossilator // evil circuit bending dwarf // music box // mini – cymbals // toy guitar // drumpad // klangstab // glockenspiel // bratsche // acoustic laptop // gitarre // microphones // panflöte // helicondelay // zoomguitarrefx // qin-yuan // smartphone-apps // simona // percussionegg // saxonett

    Find out more about the sounds & artists behind EPIPHANY NOW here:




  4. very nice interview with my friend Biblo about protest in Istanbul ! PLease read it!


  5. DC news, 18-02-13

    [#] I´m finally officially part of Boring Machines! I´m very happy and proud of that. This is my page, and I´m close to some of my favorite artists and very good friends.

    [#] Pre-orders of my debut LP "Nar" are possible from BM website, it will be shipped from April 8th (two days before DuChamp´s birthday!). This is how Onga described it:

    "Nar is the first solo record of DuChamp. It has been composed and recorded through reharsal space changing, ideas deleted, fatwas from former lovers during year 2012 in Berlin.
    All tracks are played by DuChamp and recorded and mixed by Diego Ferri. Brian Pyle (Ensemble Economique, Starving Weirdos) sung in “A Worship” and also did the mastering.
    The albums is released on LP with cover photo by Lara Schilling and graphics by Alice Cannavà (Occulto Magazine).”

    [#] And you can listen to a song from soundcloud here…

    [#] Tonight, with my bandmates Brabrabra I´m among the performers on stage for the first Maher Shalal Hash Baz show in Berlin. 

    [#] My next gig as solo in Berlin will be in April 6th! Massive party, soon updates…and for some of you which are in Berlin, my fellows Eternal Zio are coming to play in town around 13-14 April, more news soon…

    [#] There are rumors of a tour in California in April of me, Bemydelay and another very cool Italian grrrl. News soon!

    [#] Bemydelay released this wonderful EP last week end. I totally adore it.

    [#] This great band from Berlin, Ruins of Krüger, released a mini album last week end. It´s really really cool. I´m in the acknowledgments for having lend a couple of blank tapes! 8-tracks magics. 

    [#] Also my buddies Sun Worship released a new album lately, which is amazing! Following my sudden love for doom, this summer I´ll start a doom band with my talented and cool friend Anna Vo (which is producer and graphic of this album). I have a Schecter black baritone, at the end of the day this should happens, sooner or later…

    [#] While Felix, Will and me we are finishing to mixing our Fausto Maijstral debut album, you can listen to the recordings of our show in Knockenbox here. Will Gresson and  Preslav Literary School have their split tape out for the UK label Bomb Shop. I do have the vinyl and sounds so good.

    [#] And that´s me and my lover´s last crush. That tremolo guitar.


  6. DC news, 17-01-13

    [#] Many thanks to everyone that come to Nika Son, Biblo, and my show in Loophole. Was much fun and I adore that ladies. We´re going to play together soon again! <3 Turkish wife! 

    [#] I´m going to play with Brabrabra on Jan 31 in ZMF. So the world can listen to our new creations, “Passport” (the new wave song) and “Löwe in Tahiti” (the exotica song). More info soon.

    [#] And also, I´m going to play with Fausto Maijstral in ZMF (again!) on Feb 7th with Wizard Ashdod and Sea Urchin! Yum! 

    [#] Prepare your money, NAR is coming out SOON! 


  7. Wed Jan 9th: DuChamp/Biblo/Nika Son live in Loophole

    • Wed Jan 9th: DuChamp/Biblo/Nika Son live in Loophole Boddinstrasse 60 Berlin

      NIKA SON
      makes music with fieldrecordings, voice, analog and electronic instruments. 
      Her music is composed of manipulated field-recordings, combined with instrumental fragments and sparse vocals. Playing live, her tracks are stretched and extended, using a groove box, varying instruments and contact-microphones. 
      Sounds coming from somewhere deep down, circling, spinning and hovering between dark blue, red and grey. 
      Some of her tracks have been released on compilations on m.mlabel, Alrealon Music and Wir rufen zurück (Demo-Dandies). As a DJ (Nikae) she plays records on a regular basis, mainly at the Golden Pudel Club in Hamburg, where she hosts, together with Ratkat, a monthly music and exhibition night.

      Istanbul based artist Biblo, has been creating music out of everyday
      noises, field recordings and lazy, confused pieces of beats for a
      while now. Her record “On Ugliness” was released in a limited edition
      of 200 pieces as the first ever record on Quetzi Records
      (a-musik/Cologne) in May 2010 and her latest album ’Projection’ is
      released in April 2012 through her bandcamp.

      DuChamp is an Italian scientist, musician and curator based in Berlin,
      religiously devoted to drone. She’s mainly inspired by the sound of
      the hairdryer, drone superheroines such as CC Hennix, Eliane Radigue,
      Pauline Oliveros, a long series of dronester lovers and by the lack of
      God. Her debut album will be release on vynil in January for Boring
      Machines (IT).

  8. poster of my next show with Biblo by my Regis Lemberthe


  9. DC news 071212

    [#] Last minute surprise concert in Berlin! I´m going to play in O Tannenbaum on Dec 15th with my friend Pınar that do Biblo. I´m very glad! I really like Biblo, we already played once together one year ago, and all girls player end up to become sisters to me! Plus, it means I end up to sit on the same stage where I saw J. playing sitar the first time. Cathartic…

    [#Plus, I´m playing in Venice on Dec 28! Just to continue this insane thing that links me to Venice, between connections, missed encounters, expectations and so on. Location and stuff will be announced asap. 

    [#] Release of my album is approaching! Hoping to finish mixing this week end, and send to my soulmate in Arcata for mastering, I can anticipate that my friend Lara Schilling made a beautiful artwork for the cover! She is one of the person that loves my wrong way to spell pomegranates…

    [#] And I´ve decided the title of my vacant song. “A way to grasps joy immediately”. I bump into this sentence while I was reading a pamphlet from this very inspiring anarchist writer, Wolfi Landstreicher…you can find some of his stuff here

    [#] A series of concerts I´m so glad are coming…Mission of Burma, CC Hennix and Amelia Cuni, Dinosaur Jr, Yannick Frank, Bill Kouligas, Swans (in May)….

  10. This is a photo of my last performance in the Zone Berlin with Biblo, took by Tanya Mar. She is the magical girl that is able to makes me look as a sex goddess no matter what I´m doing :-)