1. DC news, 14-01-14

    [#] Happy new year! I came back from a real holiday, no concerts, just travels + inspirations. I’ve been in a bilingual country where I speak both languages, that now I love so much!! Oakland, watch out, I guess I love Montreal more than you…

    [#] The album I’ve realized with Fausto Maijstral (me + Will Gresson duo) is coming out on Jan 27 from La Station Radar. It’s going to be a lot of drone, some more folkish song (praise to SOOA) and a very very Can song. We recorded in summer 2012 by Felix Florian Toedloff and then has been master by Brian Pyle. We are very excited about that!! It’s going to be a limited edition of 250 copies, with the cover artwork of Lara Schilling, band photo from Tanya Mar and a poster inside. In the meantime, you can listen to one song on LSR soundcloud page

    [#] Next show with my girl band Brabrabra is going to be on Thu 16 Jan in Schokoladen, we will share the stage with a very cool girl band from Berlin called The Anna Thompsons. In the meantime, all BBB tapes get sold out in a couple of weeks, so the mighty Kitchen Leg rec made a new reprint of 60 tapes, last ones, so if you want one, better hurry up! 

    [#] Tune on the radio on Jan 26 at 18 (on microwave.fm) because there will be a mixtape made by me…I was invited to do one for Zooecho records, so I happily did one where I’ve throw, among the others, Il gruppo di improvvisazione nuova consonanza, my labelmates Fabio Orsi & Mamuthones, my own hero Concern, Fausto Maijstral and my sweet half! 

    [#] Coming next: next cassette release, shows, plans, recordings with Sacco e Vanzetti, a new band called The Roman Catholics, new flaming release with Kitchen Leg records, Occultofest 2014 and much much more!

  3. me playing accordion, by Tanya Mar.

  4. A pic of me playing accordion, by my very talented friend Tanya Mar.

  5. This is a photo of my last performance in the Zone Berlin with Biblo, took by Tanya Mar. She is the magical girl that is able to makes me look as a sex goddess no matter what I´m doing :-)

  6. Another beautiful picture Tanya Mar took me while I was performing in Madame Claude with my band Fausto Maijstral…flattering!

  7. This is a beautiful picture made by Tanya Mar of me performing with my band Fausto Maijstral in the Zone, Berlin NK 22-01-12 w/Drekka, Canid and Black Vacation (<3 <3 <3).