1. DC news, 17-01-13

    [#] Many thanks to everyone that come to Nika Son, Biblo, and my show in Loophole. Was much fun and I adore that ladies. We´re going to play together soon again! <3 Turkish wife! 

    [#] I´m going to play with Brabrabra on Jan 31 in ZMF. So the world can listen to our new creations, “Passport” (the new wave song) and “Löwe in Tahiti” (the exotica song). More info soon.

    [#] And also, I´m going to play with Fausto Maijstral in ZMF (again!) on Feb 7th with Wizard Ashdod and Sea Urchin! Yum! 

    [#] Prepare your money, NAR is coming out SOON! 


  2. Wed Jan 9th: DuChamp/Biblo/Nika Son live in Loophole

    • Wed Jan 9th: DuChamp/Biblo/Nika Son live in Loophole Boddinstrasse 60 Berlin

      NIKA SON
      makes music with fieldrecordings, voice, analog and electronic instruments. 
      Her music is composed of manipulated field-recordings, combined with instrumental fragments and sparse vocals. Playing live, her tracks are stretched and extended, using a groove box, varying instruments and contact-microphones. 
      Sounds coming from somewhere deep down, circling, spinning and hovering between dark blue, red and grey. 
      Some of her tracks have been released on compilations on m.mlabel, Alrealon Music and Wir rufen zurück (Demo-Dandies). As a DJ (Nikae) she plays records on a regular basis, mainly at the Golden Pudel Club in Hamburg, where she hosts, together with Ratkat, a monthly music and exhibition night.

      Istanbul based artist Biblo, has been creating music out of everyday
      noises, field recordings and lazy, confused pieces of beats for a
      while now. Her record “On Ugliness” was released in a limited edition
      of 200 pieces as the first ever record on Quetzi Records
      (a-musik/Cologne) in May 2010 and her latest album ’Projection’ is
      released in April 2012 through her bandcamp.

      DuChamp is an Italian scientist, musician and curator based in Berlin,
      religiously devoted to drone. She’s mainly inspired by the sound of
      the hairdryer, drone superheroines such as CC Hennix, Eliane Radigue,
      Pauline Oliveros, a long series of dronester lovers and by the lack of
      God. Her debut album will be release on vynil in January for Boring
      Machines (IT).


  3. DuChamp live next tUE!


    I´m very pleased to announce my next gig, with some artists that I really love…Biblo from Istanbul and Svet from Berlin/Italy. During the evening my friend and bandmate Saiko Ryusui will make a special visual installation and my everlasting partner in crime Alice a.k.a. dj Nanabianca will make a special selection of amazing music! 


  4. Playing this sat

    I´m going to perform in a Noisekölln event this Sat! It will be the opening of a new club, in Ziegrastrasse 14, NK…more infos soon!

    Finally after a long enduring quest Loophole,Raum18 and Raum20 have found a new RAUM .
    Far away from neighbours and with a functioning heating system we can once again relish in the glorious vistas of our beloved Berlin, though this time in a 360º blick.
    So therefore we invite all you, bandits, revellers, mischievous hostages and garden faries to our opening, with a program that reflects out past and will foretell our future.
    Find more details below. We’re looking forward to see y’all.

    - close to Hotel Estrel // S-Bahn Sonnenallee

    Live CONCERTS - 11:30 - 02:00 h

    - Köss Keller Ratbag Sanaa 
    Wolf Köss Drums www.koess.kulturserver.de 
    Yann Keller Stahlbass, fx www.noiseplosion.de 
    Sanaa Drums www.noiseplosion.de
    - Sublime (MX / AU) -
    - Blue Stork
    - NoiseKölln
    ::Noisekölln Drone Throne /w:

    - ill winds http://illwinds.bandcamp.com/
    - Urge http://soundcloud.com/nothingtrueeverythingpermitted/
    - du champ http://duchampdrone.tumblr.com/
    - sun worship - special duo performance http://sunworship.bandcamp.com/
    - V.O.C. http://vimeo.com/29246127
    - moon wheel http://www.moonwheel.org/
  5. DuChamp performing in Loophole, 091111, pic by Will Gresson


  6. Live recordings on Selektive Hören Archiv

    Selektive Hören Archiv is the blog/archive run by my younger brother and bandmate Will Gresson. He curate texts, photos and recordings for the archives; I’m very often with Will when he record and he ask to the artist if he may…and nobody say no until now!

    Will is able to see in the Berlin’s artistic scene one very rare and amazing thing: the deeply sense of community. We share not just taste for music, we share life tips, food, drinks, time, smiles, tears, tenderness and some critique as well. 

    But mostly we share stages, and when we have friends/guests that comes along, we love to play together. That was one of those night, when I had the honour to open for three very good live sets, the all-Japanese noise combo Kuruucrew/Iku Sakan/Kakawaka (which is German: but he fluently speaks Japanese!), and two of the most interesting names of Italian psychedelia, Rella the Woodcutter and BeMy Delay.

    You can find audio recordings, photos and a very nice review here:


  7. This is “Protect me from what I want” performed live in Loophole on 091111. You can find recordings of the others three live acts here: