1. On air this Sun on microwave.fm!

    Hi there!

    I’ll be on air (for Poland, online for ROTW) this Sun Jan 26 at 18 on microwave.fm in Zooecho Records by Phtalo Manatee. I’ll be a fennec. And I’m going to present an unrealized live recording, many never-heard-before field recordings I did in Italy, plus music by Mamuthones, Fabio Orsi, Concern, the mighty Gruppo di Improvvisazione Nuova Consonanza, Fausto Maijstral and an unrealized song by my sweet half!



  2. OCCULTOFEST 2012 this weekend!


    The Armageddon edition.

    Let it be a giant asteroid hitting the earth, the ultimate economical crisis, the third world war, the return of the big reptiles due to the Earth overheating, or a bunch of helicopters dropping napalm accompanied by Wagner’s /The Ride of the Valkyries/: Apocalypse is indeed not just a specialty number of religious fanatism and more or less articulated esoteric discourse.

    One or more of its possibile declinations – the end of the human species, the end of the Planet Earth, the end of a small or a big part of the universe as we know it – happen to be options considered and studied by people like astronomers, economists, biologists, historians, visual artists and fiction writers, to name a few. Occultofest invited some of these people to come and tell us about these considerations and studies: where they come from, where they are possibly going, how they are connected to the past or present history and to other fields of study. 

    And put together a soundtrack.

    Occultofest 2012 The Armageddon Edition

    @ Westgermany, Skalitzerstr. 133, Kreuzberg Berlin
    May 25th and 26th from 9pm

    25 May/ 9 pm – open end


    How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood

    Fabio Orsi w/ Valentina Besegher 

    DJ set by Claudio Rocchetti and Florinn

    26 May/ 9 pm – open end

    Apex Predator

    Fausto Maijstral w/ Vidbeat

    Sun Worship


    DJ set by Colour TV and Kandis Williams

    More about Occulto Fest: http://occultofest.tumblr.com/
    Our text/manifesto: http://occultofest.tumblr.com/2012_text


  3. DuChamp news/150412


    [#]My time/gigs in Italy has been awesome! I’ve put in the video page three videos from Ponterosso secret show. If you don’t understand Italian and you want to know what I’m saying before, I was just blabbing something about hairdryer and Boheringer pedals. I do think Ponterosso secret show have very good potential, we are (we have always been) a good brunch of people crazy and enthusiastic enough to make secret shows, but we just didn’t try it before. And of course, it’s very nice to me to know that this is happening in my hometown!

    [#]The gig in Bologna has been great as well. Big thanks to Marcella/Be My Delay and to her new girl band le Ossa (which I look forward to hear!) for organizing it, to Circolo Menomale, to Fabio Orsi for a such amazing set and to Onga, a true superhero, that came to see us! 

    [#]Side story of my tour: I did very stupidly forgot in Berlin my loopstation. I was panicked, cause that was the only possible pedal my Klaus and Can-d bandmate Alessio miss! But, since my life is very special and extraordinary, in a couple of hours, I get to have 2 loopstations: one from Masked Marvel’s Luke Sharp and one from Eternal Zio’s Rob. In Bologna I had the privilege to use Be My Delay’s one! 

    [#]I don’t have any gig scheduled at the moment, since I will be superbusy for organizing Occultofest…save the date! 25 and 26 May, Armageddon edition, with a lot of amazing performances including my band Fausto Majistral

    [#]I’m keeping recording my album…there might be also a song with the sitar. No, not played by who you all think, but by the Awe Processing sitar guy! :-). Felipe Dias De and me we are trying to put some stuff together since a couple of months now and seems very promising!

    [#]My tape will be probably release on June, label still to be announced!

    [#]Next Sat Ensemble Economique will perform here in Berlin. My last musical crush! I look forward!


  4. DuChamp live in homeland, Apr 2012

    [brutal english traslation after]

    Ciao! E´con gioia immensa che annuncio due date in Italia, la prima sab 07 Apr, il primo Ponterosso secret show, con Baritoprince ! La location e´ segreta e i posti limitati, mettetevi in contatto con me o con Baritoprince per essere nella lista (solo 13 entreranno e ci sono ancora pochi posti!) 

    E la seconda data, ho il grande onore (e fifa!) di condividere il palco con Fabio Orsi, che e´ un musicista che ammiro moltissimo, per tante ragioni, ma quella principale perche´ fa headbanging mentre suona dei drones: come si dice da noi, questa e´ la qualita´ del legno! Il concerto sara´mar 11 Apr a Bologna, Associazione MenoMale - Via de’ pepoli 1 (Piazza S.Stefano).

    E vi ricordo che il 10 Apr e´ il mio compleanno, quest´anno non lo passero´ a Gerusalemme ma gradirei qualche Mazal Tov lo stesso! 




    It´s with immense bliss I announce my shows in homeland! First gig, Ponterosso secret show, the first of a series of secret shows. I´ll play with Baritoprince. The place is secret and number of places is limited to 13, so if you want to come (07/04/12), please get in touch either with me or Baritoprince to attend!

    And, second, I have the honor to play with Fabio Orsi, a musician I deeply estimate for many reasons, among them, he do headbanging while he plays drones. That´s so cool! We´ll play in Bologna, Associazione MenoMale - Via de’ pepoli 1 (Piazza S.Stefano) on Apr 11th. 

    And, remember on Apr 10th is my birthday! This year I´ll not spend it in Jerusalem, but I´ll appreciate some Mazal Tov. :-)

  5. DuChamp performing at General Public, 14/01/12, Occulto Magazine issue 1 launch party…pictures by Fabio Orsi!