1. DuChamp news, 140912

    Hallo hallo! some news! 

    [#] Many thanks to who came yesterday for that rad Noisekölln event featuring Expo70, Ancient Ocean, and me. Very happy to have opened for them, such cool guys! They are extensively touring Europe, check their schedule and don´t miss them! 

    [#] From tomorrow, I´ll start to record the first album of my drone band Fausto Maijstral! I´m very excited. We actually have SONGS. Felix from Sun Worship (which, as you know, is one of my favorite band) will record us, which is even more exciting! 

    [#] And, that is absolutely amazing, both my bandmate Will Gresson and me we are  part of the Maze festival. We will perform as part of the THE EXTENDED AMORPHOUS DRONE FOR MULTIPLE HEADS curated by Aidan Baker (from Nadja, which is also one of my favorite bands!). This is going to happen in West Germany, Xberg, on Fri 21 Sept from 21. Check schedule and the whole festival here

    [#] I have concerts in Italy with Eternal Zio (beloved italian drone-folk band) in Milan and Genoa, around 28/29 Sept, I´ll post more precisely later (is Fri for everybody, also for DuChamp). 

    and, now, more pom-grenades. :-)